The start of a new year marks the annual tradition of soul searching and looking to improve aspects of our lives.  If you’re like most people, you start out with a flourish and somewhere around March, you’re back at old habits and those things we hoped to better in our lives are lost in the shuffle of a busy life.

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  1. It fits your Crazy Schedule!

With today’s hectic lifestyle it helps to have someplace to simplify things. Most CrossFit gyms have a large number of classes spread out throughout the day.  They start in the early morning hours for those people that like to get their workouts in before heading off to work and continue through the evening hours for those people that like to end their day by getting their sweat on. Continue reading

Ever wonder why people work so hard in the gym during those CrossFit Ground Up workouts? Many of them initially started training for aesthetic reasons. They wanted to look good and  they wanted to look fit. But then you read an article like this one, “Why women should do CrossFit” and you start to wonder if there might be more to fitness than just looking good. If you already exercise and consider yourself fit, how do you judge that fitness? You may be able to fit into a size XYZ, but can you perform a pull-up, squat your bodyweight or run a mile without stopping? Then comes the realization that you may look “trim” but in reality you aren’t very fit and you aren’t very healthy. Continue reading

Anyone who has struggled with weight loss has a similar story.  You are motivated, you have the program, the diet, the plan to make it work this time.  You hit the ground running and see changes quickly, the pounds come off and you’re happy and motivated.  But then a week goes by the the scale doesn’t move and the momentum slows, a few pound come back and you feel defeated, worthless and depressed.  More weight comes back, you’ve lost more function, and the freedom and opportunity that a smaller fitter you would have provided. Continue reading