As Darci and I move through our 3rd year of programming we have had an opportunity to look back, reflect and evaluate what has worked, what has not and how athletes have responded physically, mentally and emotionally to their workouts.  Over the years we have tried various methods of programming, from building programs on our own, taking from other gyms and programs to following main site programming.  We have always been cautious to not hop into the “next big thing” in programming and stay true to “increasing work capacity across broad time and modal domains” (the goal of CrossFit).  We want our athletes to be good at CrossFit and the ten general physical skills so that they have a  general, physical, preparedness that enables them to do well at any sport or task life throws their way now, and long into the future.   Continue reading

When I tell my female friends about CrossFit, they often roll their eyes. Oh, no, they say. I’m intimidated, it seems scary, I don’t want to get big, I only like cardio, I don’t like to lift heavy weights, I have a bad back… the excuses go on and on. It doesn’t help that we CrossFit women publicly lament our inability to find pants that fit our quads or cover our scabby shins or that we can’t squeeze our biceps into those cute little cap-sleeved shirts. We’re not exactly selling it. Continue reading