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This month’s athlete spotlight is Bobbi Buchholz. She quietly has become stronger and faster since starting CrossFit in June 2014 and faithfully comes in the mornings at 5:30. Some of her recent PR’s are 105 lb back squat, 110 clean and jerk, and 165 lb deadlift.

Bobbi told us a little about her CrossFit journey:

  • What life changes have you made since starting CFGU?

Making exercise a priority and making time to work out 4 times a week.

  • What is your favorite part about CFGU?10953155_787643827950093_6163886923875857338_n

One of my favorite parts is the variety CrossFit offers. Every day is something different! I also like how everything is measured and you can see how much you improve. It gives you such a sense of accomplishment and thus a confidence in yourself.

  • What would you tell people about GFGU if you met them on the street?

CrossFit is a place where you can find a group of people who are willing to challenge you and support you in your journey toward fitness. With each step you make in your journey you gain more self-confidence.

  • What is your favorite movement and why?

I love doing handstands, handstand walks, and handstand push-ups! Being a former gymnast I’ve always enjoyed being upside down.

  • Tell us a little about your life outside of CrossFit.

I’m married and have three girls (ages 3, 6, and 8). I also work full-time as a math professor at Hastings College. Most of my time outside of work is spent keeping up with my kids’ activities and being involved in church activities.

Coaches’ comments:

She tries hard, has good form on the movements and never gives up. -Doug

I remember when I coached mornings, I always pushed Bobbi to get PRs in her lifts.  She always had this humble attitude and wasn’t always sure about what I knew she was capable of, but she listened to me and believed in herself, and she set quite a few PRs in that time.  She is a mom, a wif
e and a professor, and she dominates WODs on a daily basis. -Logan

Bobbi is one of our most consistent athletes both in showing up at the gym and improving her performance. She’s a testament to what can be accomplished if you just show up everyday and work hard. -Abigail